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MandarinUniversity.Com Online Research & Development of the Mandarin Chinese Language MandarinUniversity.Com Online Research & Development of the Mandarin Chinese Language
Towards A World Class & Universal Standard For The Official MANDARIN Chinese Language of CHINA
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Keyword(s) For The MandarinUniversity.Com Website About The Mandarin Chinese Language & Chinese Languages

"Keywords" are words, terms, phrases or sentences that people use when they search for the information they need through online search engines and directories such as Google.Com or Yahoo.Com.

When someone enters words, phrases or a sentence into a search engine, he / she might not necessarily apply the correct or proper spelling (or sentence structure) for the keywords used. No stone must be left unturned when it comes to formulating and compiling a comprehensive and exhaustive list of keywords related to the website. If necessary, the right people and consultants must be consulted.

Therefore, in order for a website to be easily found by the people who are looking for the relevant information, it has to take into consideration all possible spellings and word order for its keywords, including common spelling errors or typing errors. And for websites that are relevant to a particular geographical, language or special interest group, even keywords in other international languages must be included, on top of the English language.

  • Mandarin Chinese Language
  • Chinese Mandarin Language
  • Mandarin; Manderin; Menderin; Mendarin; Mandrin; Mendrin
  • Chinese Languages
  • China Languages
  • Chinese Dialects Languages
  • Huayu; Hua Yu; Hua2 Yu3
  • Huawen; Hua Wen; Hua2 Wen2
  • Hanyu; Han Yu; Han4 Yu3
  • Hanwen; Han Wen; Han4 Wen2
  • Putonghua; Pu Tong Hua; Pu3 Tong Hua4
  • Zhongwen; Zhong Wen; Zhong Wen2
  • Guoyu; Guo Yu; Guo2 Yu3
  • Guowen; Guo Wen; Guo2 Wen2
  • Hanyu Pinyin; Han Yu Pin Yin; Han4 Yu3 Pin Yin
  • Hanyupinyin; HanYuPinYin.Info
  • Romanisation of the Mandarin Chinese Language
  • Romanization of the Mandarin Chinese Language
  • Mandarin University; MandarinUniversity
  • University of Mandarin
  • Talk Mandarin; Speak Mandarin
  • Talking in Mandarin; Speaking in Mandarin
  • Mandarin Conversation; Conversational Mandarin
  • Listen Mandarin; Listening in Mandarin
  • Reading In Chinese; Chinese Characters Recognition
  • Writing In Chinese; Chinese Writing
  • Communicate In The Mandarin Chinese
  • Converse In The Mandarin Chinese Language
  • Talk Chinese Language; Speak Chinese

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The Higher Academy for Advanced Research and Development of the MANDARIN Chinese Language.


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